About Al Teglia

In honor of Albert M. Teglia’s dedication to the Jobs for Youth program, this fund was created to help provide higher education opportunities for the youth of San Mateo County.  This fund continues to create college and vocational scholarships for students who are recognized by the Jobs for Youth Committee.  Your donation towards the Al Teglia Jobs for Youth Scholarship Fund helps build a brighter path for our youth.  We hold an annual special breakfast to recognize the youth scholarship recipients and invite you to participate.

Albert, the son of Italian immigrants, was the first of his family to be born in the United States.  He was born in Colma, California in 1931.  Al graduated from Jefferson High School and attended the College of San Mateo earning his degree in horticulture. 


Al, was affectionately known as “Mr. Daly City “. He was a very strong advocate for the San Mateo County Human Services Agency focusing his life and passion on helping the children and families .of his beloved county. From his office at Peninsula Works in Daly City, he worked diligently to achieve his goals for the community, establishing and supporting numerous community programs including: Jobs for Youth; Children’s Fund; Peddler Program; Reprogrammed Computers; Adopt-a-Family; Dental Programs for the uninsured children and seniors; Daly City’s Clean Community Committee and the Community Recognition Program.

Al was honored in 2005 with the establishment of the Al Teglia Jobs for Youth Scholarship Fund which provides both college and vocational scholarships for youth in San Mateo County.

Al was one of six individuals who received the 49’ers Community Quarterback Award from the San Francisco 49ers Foundation, in partnership with NFL Charities, for his leadership, dedication and commitment to bettering the San Francisco Bay Area.

Albert Teglia will be remembered by the goals he strived to achieve for the community, and the lives that were improved by the programs he worked so hard for.