Kevin Arriaga

Kevin Arriaga is a senior at San Mateo High School who plans to attend a local community college before transferring to San Diego State University where he will major in Business.

He works as a swim instructor and lifeguard in Burlingame to support his family’s expenses, including caring for his grandparents’ health issues. Kevin views his challenges, including a learning disability, as motivation to work harder.

His references at school and work praise his dedication to self-improvement, steadfast support of peers, and infectious optimism for the future.

For Kevin, an Al Teglia Jobs for Youth Scholarship will help realize life-long dreams of attending college, easing financial burdens on his family, and proving his potential to go farther than anyone said was possible through grit and hard work.

Super Power:
Breathing Underwater
Friends of JFY/Burlingame/Bohannon Foundation

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