Natalie Siu

Natalie Siu is a junior at Westmoor High School who hopes to become an Environmental Scientist and work to protect animals from endangerment and extinction due to human impact.

Her love of nature has fueled Natalie’s community volunteering, and driven her to succeed in the classroom so she will be able to have an impactful career. Natalie’s teachers note her critical eye towards injustice and receptiveness to feedback as indicators of maturity. Her thoughtful connection of Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” to modern repression belies the personal crucibles Natalie has overcome at home and school.

For Natalie, an Al Teglia Jobs for Youth Scholarship will open the door to the most powerful weapon in her quest to change the world and preserve nature for future generations — an education.
Super Power:
Control water, fire, earth and air
Wells Fargo Foundation

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