Melanie Segura

Melanie Segura is a senior at San Mateo High School who plans to attend the medical assistance program at Cañada College before transferring to University of San Francisco and becoming a Certified Nurse Midwife to help babies born to parents battling addiction. 

She has overcome significant financial hardship, personal loss, and a trouble-filled teenage rebellion. Today, Melanie is a dedicated student, works to help pay bills, and gives back to her community through the La Raza Unida Club.

Her teachers praise Melanie’s resiliency in the face of incredible obstacles, commitment to self-improvement, and inclusive nature based on first-hand knowledge of the challenges which come with being an outsider.
For Melanie, an Al Teglia Jobs for Youth Scholarship gets her one step closer to her goal of college and a career where she can help children most in need of support while supporting her own financially stressed grandmother.

Super Power:
Transport to the Future
Friends of JFY/Kaiser Permanente/Frances Teglia

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