Matthew Morales

Matthew Morales is a senior at Jefferson High School who plans to cultivate his life-long love of technology with a Computer Science degree.
He is a dedicated student committed to his community. At home Matthew cares for a chronically ill parent, and at school he has re-invigorated the Filipino-American organization and initiated new programs like a buddy system to help new immigrants with integration.

Matthew’s teachers applaud his consistent engagement in class and clubs, his compassion for others despite circumstances that would cause most to collapse inward, and his model of servant-leadership which puts others first.

For Matthew, an Al Teglia Jobs for Youth Scholarship will represent a small step towards recognizing achievement in the face of adversity, and a giant leap towards making his life-long dream of higher education achievable.

Super Power:
Absorb and generate electricity
Friends of JFY/Bay Association of Mentors/Kataoka Family & Friends

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