Schedule a FREE JFY Workshop

We are thrilled to offer FREE job preparation workshops!

Are you a San Mateo County school representative or community partner and would like to schedule an on-site job preparation workshop for your students between the ages of 14 – 21?

Help your students reach their full potential!  When youth attend our job preparation workshop, they become JFY Members who have access to scholarships, job listings, internships and much more!



Please note that we require all students who attend a workshop to register prior to the workshop.  Students must have an email and a cell number at the time of registration.  This is how we contact students to receive job, internship and scholarship information.  *Youth are automatically opt-in to receive job listings and special announcements via email and/or text.   If youth do not have an email and/or a cell number, we accept an email and/or the cell number of a parent or guardian.  Thank you!