Jobs for Youth 2021 Highlights

In 2021, the pandemic continued to impact the world on many levels and JFY continued to provide virtual workshops throughout San Mateo County.

This year, school attendance was at an all time low. We served 1778 students in 118 workshops throughout San Mateo County. We saw the struggle that students, families, educators, schools, community-based organizations were having. In lieu of the traditional Special Business Recognition Award, a Community Impact Award was presented to Superintendent Nancy Magee, San Mateo County Office of Education and her team for the exceptional support provided to thousands of youth, teachers, and community throughout San Mateo County during the pandemic. We held space for youth to continue to lean in and develop at their pace and continued to collaborate with organizations to connect youth to SMC resources through the SMC Youth Resource Hub started in JFY in 2020.

We honored Eve Young Visconti in a scholarship in her loving memory. Eve coached and empowered both youth and adults to find their voices through written communication. She was a community leader and activist and served on a number of diverse boards—Phase2Careers and Peninsula Musical Arts Association. She was active in the peace Movement and was involved in the American Association of University Women and the California Writers Club.

Dora Collado was also honored in a scholarship in her memory. Dora was an adjunct faculty member at Canada College for many years and was an advocate for students encouraging them to enter the Human Services field. She taught and counseled students in English and in Spanish.

We were thrilled to present Mona Urbina with the 2021 Mary Paskevich / Carolyn Livengood Memorial Award. Environmental horticulturalist Mona Urbina supports youth in becoming stewards of the earth, helping them transform their relationships to food, community, and nature. As the Food and Education Manager of the nonprofit farm Pie Ranch, Mona helps Pescadero students of all ages learn essential organic gardening and cooking skills. She centers the principles of social justice, respect, and collaboration in every aspect of her work, and she seeks to understand, and integrate, the cultural values of the communities she works with into her lessons. In addition to her work as a professional educator, Mona has supported communities experiencing food insecurity as a volunteer, helping to distribute fresh food to families during the Covid-19 pandemic and to those experiencing homelessness in the Tenderloin district. Mona is a tireless advocate in the fight for food security, environmental stewardship, and youth empowerment!

Future emergency room nurse Iris Tan Sanchez is driven to improve the lives of her community and her family. Over the past several years, Iris has balanced school with employment and family responsibilities, working hard to serve as a role model for her daughter while making her own dreams come true. A current student at Cañada College, Iris plans on completing her general education requirements by 2022 before transferring to a nursing program. Iris hopes that her success will inspire former foster youth like herself, a community she currently supports as the Coordinator for the County of San Mateo Supported Training and Employment Program (STEP). Iris received the Jobs for Youth Al Teglia Scholarship in 2012. For her service, hard work, and dedication to her educational goals, we are thrilled to present her with the 2021 Alumni Achievement Award.

In 2021, the JFY Alumni Association was established and is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. This group of young adults was established to help members build professional connections, develop professionally, and give back to our San Mateo County community. Currently, there are over 500 JFY Alumni who are navigating this new world and looking for opportunities. Please reach out to us if you have any internship opportunities or would like to learn more about how you can help a San Mateo County youth flourish during these challenging times. Many of these young adults are on LinkedIn and ready to connect. Will you help us build up our community to come out of this pandemic more resilient than ever?

With their eyes on the future, the 2021 Jobs for Youth Al Teglia Scholars are ready—to become the engineers, physicians, therapists, and world changers of tomorrow. They have big dreams, and they know that with hard work, they can make those dreams come true.

Our Scholars have dealt with many trials on their journeys to success. And while the past year has added an unprecedented level of difficulty, the 2021 Scholars have continued to rise to every single challenge.

Receiving the Jobs for Youth Al Teglia Scholarship is just one of many things that these incredible youth will achieve. We are so inspired by their courage and vision, and we know you will be too.

The 2021 JFY Rise with Courage Resilient Scholars were:

Alexio Quintanilla Woodside HS

Brandon Marin UC Berkeley

Cayenne Wong Mills HS

Fariha Khan Skyline College

Gemma Sangervasi Carlmont HS

Gina Barragan Gomez Woodside HS

Hannah Kemist Woodside HS

Isabella Ramirez Capuchino HS

Jessalyn Yepez Woodside HS

Kai Steiner Woodside HS

Karla Martinez Mora Mills HS

Kimberly Jacinto Tum Woodside HS

Laysa Velasquez Moreno Woodside HS

Leonel Rivera East Palo Alto Academy

Leslie Reyes Sequoia HS

Madison Shem Design Tech HS

Maram Ahmed Mills HS

Mia Carter Woodside HS

Stephanie Robles Angel Sequoia HS

Wing Tsang Westmoor HS

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