Jobs for Youth 2020 Highlights

In March 2020, the Covid-19 Pandemic changed our lives on so many levels. Jobs for Youth coordinated resources through an online San Mateo County Resource Hub and pivoted to virtual workshops to support youth, their families, schools and community-based organizations. The focus was creating a safe space to lean in with curiosity to learn skills that add value to the lives of students and unlearn things that no longer serve them. They were invited to take deep breaths to help ground them at the beginning of the workshops. These skills were taught in Soft Skills for Success workshops and interwoven into five additional job skills workshops. Soft skills are how people show up in the world authentically to connect with one another. Students learned how to identify their own unique soft skills like being an active listener, a great communicator, having patience and being grateful what they do have. They learned how to use social media to make a positive impact in the world with purpose and passion. They learned how important it is to know they are enough and worthy of the having opportunities to grow and develop into the humans their meant to be in this world.

San Mateo County youth were provided a safe space to have hope! In 2020, JFY reached over 2548 students in 72 workshops and 14 virtual events.

The traditional Jobs for Youth Al Teglia Scholarship Fundraiser Breakfast in May shifted to a virtual 2020 Be Bold Be Brave Be You Scholarship Celebration in August. SMC County Manager Mike Callagy was our Emcee, SMC Board of Supervisors President Warren Slocum was our honorary JFY Chairman, and HR Director Rocio Kiryczun presented the JFY Al Teglia Scholarships. JFY awarded the Mary Pasckevich/Carolyn Livengood Memorial Award to Margaret Sedillo, Counselor at Pescadero High School. The Mary Paskevich / Carolyn Livengood Memorial Award honors a community member who has gone above and beyond in serving the public. Margaret is a fierce advocate for youth mental health and has helped hundreds of youth and has led initiatives and community partnerships that foster healthy environments for teens, reducing access to alcohol and other substances. Margaret’s dedication to the youth of Pescadero make her an extraordinary asset to the community!

A Special Business Recognition Award was presented to Paw Prints in Redwood City for donating inspirational facemasks, scholar t-shirts and other screen-printing services to JFY. We are so incredibly grateful to Asok at Paw Prints for his generous support! Help us build our San Mateo County community by buying local!

JFY Alumni Achievement Award was presented to Cheska Ibasan. Cheska is a 2019 JFY Al Teglia Scholar who attended UC Berkeley. Cheska is passionate about ending home insecurities and education equity. She served as a Census Outreach Student Ambassador for the Foundation for California Community Colleges and is continuing to make a huge impact in the world.

JFY recognized the need to focus on basic needs for youth, their families, and our SMC community. We are grateful to our JFY Workgroup for their time and energy through these challenging times. The 2020 JFY Workgroup includes Carolyn Woods, Cherie Colin, Hal Kataoka, Leslie Lowe, Lex Livengood, Molly Lai, Sharon Stefaniuk and Sylvia Yeh-Kataoka.

This challenging year, JFY with the support of generous sponsors provided 20 $1,500 scholarships to the following JFY Be Bold Be Brave Be You Scholars:

Alicia Mayora Olivares El Camino HS

Audrey Mae Barquira Jefferson HS

Briana Coreas Ayala South San Francisco HS

Cristina Navarrete Pescadero HS

Dian Rodriguez Carlmont HS

Emily Mendez San Mateo HS

Gina Barragan Gomez Woodside HS

Ireedui Ganzorig Abraham Lincoln HS

Jacqueline Nabor Pescadero HS

Kenerin Lopez San Mateo HS

Maria Casique Sequioa HS

Maria Ceron Tapia Selma HS

Mariel Gutierrez Orozco Woodside HS

Monserrat Martinez-Marin Pescadero HS

Natalie Siu Westmoor HS

Paola Vazquez Hernandez Pescadero HS

Rhiannon Labonte Sequoia Adult School

Stephanie Robles Angel Sequoia HS

Stephanie Jimenez Tellez Pescadero HS

Violet McNally Hillsdale HS

We are grateful for the generous support during this challenging year and for the connections we made in our community. We invite you to learn more about our journey in empowering San Mateo County youth.