Jobs for Youth 2019 Highlights

2019 JFY Highlights…

In 2019, Jobs for Youth served over 2517 youth in 131 workshops and 14 community events throughout San Mateo County. JFY created a Soft Skills for Success Workshop and Workbook to focus on the importance of soft skills in the professional and personal lives of young adults. Both the Landing the Job workbook and the Soft Skills for Success workbooks can be found on our website. The PDF workbooks are free to the public. Feel free to reach out to learn more about our workshops, workbooks, and program.

The 2019 Llamazing JFY Scholarship Fundraising Breakfast was held at the Foster City Crowne Plaza. San Mateo County Manager Mike Callagy served as the Emcee and SMC Board of Supervisors President Carole Groom served as the honorary JFY Chairperson.

Clarence Hom received the Mary Paskevich / Carolyn Livengood Memorial Award. The 2019 JFY Special Business Recognition Award was presented to Sweet and Walker Law Firm for providing internship opportunities to youth. A second Special Business Recognition Award was presented to Copy Copies for donating exceptional printing services and printed JFY Landing the Job and Soft Skills for Success workbooks for over 2000 youth.

This year, JFY awarded JFY Alumni Achievement Awards to Jennifer Acuna, Auxiliadora Trejos and Yahosca Quezada. Jennifer was a community development professional with experience in local government, affordable housing, education, and conflict resolution. She has worked with government agencies, school districts and nonprofits, developing and implementing programs to serve and empower underserved populations. Auxiliadora was an intern and workshop facilitator with Jobs for Youth. She is passionate about working with and supporting young people in advocating for their needs. As a former foster youth, engagement, education, job readiness and advocacy. Yahosca Quezada moved to Redwood City from Managua, Nicaragua shortly after graduating from college. She started her career in the County of San Mateo as a JFY Intern in 2014 and has worked for the County for many years.

Scholars throughout the years face unique set of daunting obstacles on their path to open the doors of opportunity, from financial hardship and unstable homes to disabilities and discrimination. But each of them refused to be defined by disadvantage, refused to rest in their prescribed circumstance, and most of all refused to relinquish their inalienable right to have a dream of a brighter tomorrow.

In 2019, JFY with the support of generous sponsors provided 20 $1,500 scholarships to the following JFY Llamazing Scholars:

Adrian Amezquita-Martinez Pescadero HS

Jazmin Bautista Everest HS

Mei Sun (Rebecca) Chu Mills HS

Lucia Gonzalez Pescadero HS

Nicole Hlushko Mills HS

Charles Hong Carlmont HS

Cheska Ibasan Skyline College

Fariha Khan Mills HS

Audrey Lau Mills HS

Gerryk Madrigal Sequoia HS

Isabella Marinos Mills HS

Christopher McKellar San Mateo HS

Brayan E. Ramirez Gonzalez San Mateo HS

Richard Rios San Mateo HS

Dian Rodriguez CSU East Bay

Ximena Sanchez Seqouia HS

Nicole Silliman Canada College

Maria Tapia CSM/ Canada

Emely Vazquez Pescadero HS

Rowan Woodard Pescadero HS

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