High School Explainers


High School Explainers, the Exploratorium’s youngest employees, are a diverse group of students who engage visitors at exhibits, lead demonstrations, and run many museum operations. Some are interested in science; all have a spark for learning new things. In keeping with the Exploratorium’s philosophy, they build their own skills while learning to help others.

The High School Explainer Program makes students part of the museum staff, giving them the important responsibility of being the museum’s primary point of contact with visitors. The Explainers learn about exhibits and facilitate visitor-exhibit interactions; open and close the museum; run daily demonstrations (including cow’s eye, heart, and flower dissections); find lost children; evacuate the museum during emergencies; and more.

Minimum Requirements
Candidates must
• be at least 15 years old and have completed the first year of high school
 (but not more than 18 years old)
• be open to learning new ideas
• be interested in working with people within a museum structure

High School Explainers: About the Program | Exploratorium