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Helping Hands


We need YOU to help us provide essential services to our rescued cats and our colonies of spayed/neutered community cats. You can work directly with cats, or you can work behind the scenes on program management, fundraising and events, PR/marketing, or online promotion.


We welcome your energy and enthusiasm for any length of time–whether you have just an hour or two to spare once a week, or are seeking a deeper level of involvement. Whatever you choose to do, you’ll be helping us give deserving kitties a better life.  If you’d like to volunteer, please fill out our volunteer application or contact us at

Work directly with cats:

  • Fostering: Socialize kittens and cats for adoption. Interested? Fill out our fostering application.
  • Colony Feeding: Provide fresh food and water to community cats in our managed, outdoor colonies.
  • Socialize Adult Cats: Help abandoned and traumatized adult cats with gentle care at our Socialization Center.
  • Rescuing: Join a team to help Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) community cats.
  • Adoption Fair Coordinators: Help our kitties find homes by introducing them to adopters at weekend fairs.
  • Transporters: Help our rescued cats get to and from vet appointments or adoption fairs.
  • Cat Recovery Helper: Provide a few days’ shelter to a cat recovering from spay/neuter surgery.

Work behind the scenes on programs, fundraising/events, PR/Marketing, online promotion: