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High school summer scholars

Please check back in January 2021 for information about Summer 2021.

Please email learningcenter@buckinstitute.org or call 415-209-2000 x6161 with any questions or concerns.


Each summer the Buck Institute for Research on Aging provides a 7-week research internship to prepare local high school students for careers in biomedical and geroscience research. With up to 20 research mentors participating, students have the opportunity to explore research involving the aging process and aging-related diseases. Through mentorship in the lab, students develop the skills and background necessary to pursue research science. Students are encouraged to visit Buck Institute faculty websites to read about the research being conducted at the Buck and to indicate an area of interest when applying for the program.

Interns will:

  • Participate in cutting edge research at the Buck Institute.
  • Attend regular meetings to receive mentorship, review laboratory notebooks, discuss data, and delineate goals and expectations.
  • Complete a course on laboratory/radiation safety that teaches valuable skills and ensures safety while in the lab.
  • Prepare a PowerPoint and Research Poster to exhibit to the Institute.
  • Present their Research Poster at a celebration for students, families, teachers, mentors and faculty on the last day of the internship at the Buck Institute.

Students who will be in high school in the 2020-2021 school year; not for graduating seniors. Students will have also completed at least one Advanced Placement, or equivalent, science course. This requirement ensures that students have some relevant lab experience.

Non-local students are invited to apply, but must arrange their own housing if accepted.

Internships (buckinstitute.org)