Ireedui Ganzorig

Ireedui Ganzorig takes nothing for granted. As an independent student and former foster youth, Ireedui has a high degree of self-reliance and a drive to make the most of every opportunity. He studies materials engineering at the City College of San Francisco, maintaining a high GPA while supporting himself and interning at the library. As a library employee, Ireedui not only excels in running community programs but takes initiative to design impactful new projects. Recently, he initiated, organized, and is continuing to run an ongoing book drive for a school in Mongolia, sending over 400 books to children in need so far, with a goal of sending 1,000 total. He is passionate about leveraging resources to improve people’s lives, and he can’t wait until he graduates from college and, degree in hand, invents a new material that benefits the world. 

Sponsor: Woodlawn Foundation