Forget an Elevator Pitch – We Want to Hear Your Passion Pitch! 

Happy Thursday JFY Community! We hope the transition back to school for you all has been smooth and fun! 

We want to take this time talk about a very central piece to the work we do here at JFY, and one of the best tools for you all when it comes to honing in on your professional goals and dreams: we call it the Passion Pitch.  

Now, you may be familiar with the term elevator pitch, which is defined as a concise presentation of a product or idea, covering all its critical aspects, and delivered within 30-90 seconds (the duration of your average elevator ride!). The Passion Pitch works very similarly; the only difference is that the “product or idea” isn’t actually a product or an idea… it’s YOU!  

When it comes to networking, YOU are front and center. This Passion Pitch is for you to quickly and concisely showcase the things that you are most passionate about, and the goals you have set out for yourself at this point in time. We strongly encourage everyone to practice crafting a passion pitch from time to time, regardless of age or experience, as your passions and goals may fluctuate and grow along with you.  

With that all said, we have pulled a page directly out of our workbook specially for you… Find below the template to craft your own Passion Pitch! All you have to do is copy and paste this into a Word doc, Google doc, or anywhere else you want where you are able to fill in the blanks. Lastly, please be sure to comment your thoughts down below, and upload your Passion Pitch to Facebook or LinkedIn and tag us! 

Hi! My name is first name , and I am interested in studying subject or major you are interested in after I graduate high school. I am really passionate about a cause, a subject, things (i.e. animals) . Thanks to my experience previous or current place of work/club/activities , I have learned valuable skills like transferable skills (i.e. customer service) , transferable skill , and transferable skill . I am looking forward to utilizing my learned skills and gaining even more professional experience, so I believe that a position with specific organization/company/store/restaurant would provide me the experience I am eager to obtain, and you would benefit from having a dedicated, hard-working employee!