2023 Scholarship Recipient

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Clarissa Wing

Clarissa is a champion for all. A Senior at Notre Dame Belmont who is passionate about writing and journalism, Clarissa’s dream is to uplift the voices of all those who are marginalized and silenced. Having participated in the Silicon Valley Community Foundation Journalism Program with the Youth Leadership Institute (YLI) in the beginning of 2022, …

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Adhilene Torres

Adhilene is a leader. A Senior at San Mateo High School, Adhilene has served as the La Raza Club’s Secretary, as well as a Folclórico dancer. From volunteering at food drives, to fundraisers, to assisting the school librarian, Adhilene is always leading by example and serving others. Needless to say, this pattern continues with Adhilene’s …

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Bre Rivera

Bre is a voice for her community. Facing many obstacles throughout the years, Bre has become even stronger from such experiences. She has many talents, ranging from being a black belt, to a Folclórico dancer, to speaking at political gatherings. Bre’s dream is to be a voice for those who are silenced; whether it means …

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Emily Peña

Emily is full of grit and perseverance. Moving to the United States only a year ago, Emily is relentless in her self-advocacy and committed to painting her own destiny. Experiencing family illness, Emily’s dream is to study oncology. She wants to find the cure to cancer once and for all and be able to help …

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Ady Moran

Ady is always there for others. Currently a Junior at Sequoia High School, Ady is passionate about pursuing an education in Psychology or Behavioral Science. She is motivated by the goal and dream of helping people navigate difficult times and have a safe space to express themselves. Ady interned with The Boys and Girls Club …

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Rahaf Makrai

Rahaf is unwavering. Rahaf has never let the battle against bigotry get in the way of pursuing her dreams – let alone practice her faith. Fascinated by the human heart, Rahaf’s dream is to pursue an education and career in the medical field. A Senior at Hillsdale High School, Rahaf is a superstar in the …

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Zoe Maheras

Zoe is a team player. Zoe’s father runs a startup business which was impacted during the COVID lockdowns. In order to help support the family business, Zoe stepped up to the task of being the business’ Marketing Assistant. Passionate about STEM, Zoe has long been interested in pursuing an education in the sciences. A Senior …

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