Al Teglia in Community

Al Teglia has contributed in many ways to our San Mateo County community! He has received special recognition, honors, and awards throughout his life.

In 2005, Al was awarded the Jefferson Award for helping the needy and making a difference in his community. The Albert Teglia Community Center in Daly City was named to honor him and is open to the community. Al was honored by having the Albert M. Teglia Blvd. in Colma/Daly City named after him. There is an engraved bronze plaque showcased for children’s dental services at Mike Nevin Health Clinic in Daly City. He received special recognition in the San Mateo County Women’s Hall of Fame. Al was one of six individuals who received the 49’ers Community Quarterback Award from the San Francisco 49ers Foundation, in partnership with NFL Charities, for his leadership, dedication and commitment to bettering the San Francisco Bay Area.

The San Mateo County Historical Association has a Movie Framed Memorabilia poster “Made in America: San Mateo County’s Journey from Dairies to DNA” dated December 7, 2006 with autographs of many special SMC community members like Al Teglia, Gene Mullin, Jackie Speier and so many more community leaders.

The list of honors, awards and recognitions goes on! Do you have a story and/or pictures to share of Al Teglia receiving a special award or recognition? What memories do you have of Al in our San Mateo County community? Will you share it with us?

Al’s story and the history of Jobs for Youth continues as we lead up to our 40th JFY Al Teglia Scholar Shine Bright Celebration on May 19, 2022!

We hope you’ll join us for this special celebration, donate toward equity in higher education scholarships and invite you to share an Al Teglia memory with photos on our special virtual video booth! Please share with your family, friends, collogues to collectively create a beautiful time capsule for future generations.